Bonnie & the Clydes at the Contented Cow
Bonnie & the Clydes are (from left to right)
Scott McMillan, Bonnie Jean Flom and Bill McGrath

Bonnie & the Clydes play at commercial venues, private parties, weddings & other special events. For more information contact

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Two downtown Northfield, MN, venues where Bonnie & the Clydes often play:

The Tavern
The warm and intimate Tavern Lounge is located upstairs from the Tavern restaurant, just behind the lobby area of the Archer House River Inn. The Lounge overlooks the Cannon River in downtown Northfield.
The Contented Cow
The Contented Cow is a British Pub located in downtown Northfield. In addition to their upbeat and welcoming indoor seating area, the Cow's Riverside Patio offers a wonderful outdoor music venue in the warmer months.

     Music performed by Bonnie & the Clydes can best be described as the kind of songs you listened to when you and friends were renting your first apartment near the campus sometime in the sixties or early seventies and your entire furniture contribution to the apartment consisted of a mattress and a coffee table made from a telephone company wooden spool that you snatched from a construction site next to the natural food grocery that was up the rear stairway above the paraphernalia shop where they also sold posters and lava lamps and had a cat in the front window named Quagmire who was the mother of one of your girlfriend's kittens that is now sleeping in your guitar case in the back of your VW microbus next to Ken Kesey's book, a bottle of Boone's Farm Apple Wine and a stack of signs protesting the government's policies in some far-off country.