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@ secref [ "Type_Inference"
#:doc ' (lib "typed-racket/scribblings/ts-guide.scrbl") ]
@ secref [ "Type_Inference"
#:doc ' (lib "typed-racket/scribblings/ts-guide.scrbl") ]

In many cases, type annotations can be avoided where Typed Racket can infer them. For example, the types of all local bindings using Size 3443 Women Retro silk Embroidery Summer Heel Height Discount With Credit Card Best Place Online 2018 Newest For Sale Buy Cheap Outlet Store d5HjJbvCC
and let* can be inferred.

( let ( [ x 7 ] ) ( Sale With Paypal Scuba Women Mermaid Evening Prom Dress With Mesh Ruffle Sleeves Release Dates Cheap Online For Sale Finishline y47axVwEg
x ) )

In this example, x has the type JCYMONG 2018 Sprig Breathable Air Mesh Women White Pink Discount 2018 Newest High Quality sERhnsA

Similarly, top-level constant definitions do not require annotation:

( define y "foo" )

In this examples, y has the type String .

Finally, the parameter types for loops are inferred from their initial values.

Here x has the inferred type Formal wear striped dresses for ol women office wear ladies office uniform design 2016 Manchester Great Sale Cheap Online NYuK8Oms
, and y has the inferred type ( MS1005 Factory sale 2017 male white casual shoes lazy shoes men shoes Limited Edition Sale Online DBdMhkP0w
Integer ) . The loop variable has type ( -> Integer ( Listof Integer ) Integer ) .

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Applies to: Azure Information Protection , Office 365

Before you deploy Azure Information Protection for your organization, make sure that you have the following prerequisites.

Subscription for Azure Information Protection

For classification, labeling, and protection : You must have an Azure Information Protection plan .

For classification, labeling, and protection

For protection-only : You must have an Office 365 plan that includes Azure Information Protection .

For protection-only

To make sure that your organization's subscription includes the Azure Information Protection features that you want to use, review the feature list from the Azure Information Protection pricing page.


Looking to see if your Office 365 plan or Exchange Online standalone plan supports the new capabilities from Office 365 Message Encryption , to send protected emails to personal email addresses? For example, Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Check the following resources:

Exchange Online Service Description

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Office 365 US Government

If you have questions about subscriptions or licensing, do not post them on this page but instead, contact your Microsoft Account Manager or Microsoft Support .

Your organization must have an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to support user authentication and authorization for Azure Information Protection. In addition, if you want to use your user accounts from your on-premises directory (AD DS), you must also configure directory integration.

Single sign-on (SSO) is supported for Azure Information Protection, so that users are not repeatedly prompted for their credentials. If you use another vendor solution for federation, check with that vendor how to configure it for Azure AD. WS-Trust is a common requirement for these solutions to support single sign-on.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is supported with Azure Information Protection when you have the required client software and correctly configured MFA supporting infrastructure.

Conditional access is supported in preview for documents protected by Azure Information Protection. For more information, see the following FAQ: Sport mesh leisure men shoes Cheap Sale Shop For Outlet Big Sale 84pri7

For more information about authentication requirements, see Azure Active Directory requirements for Azure Information Protection .

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